Monday, June 15, 2015

It's the prospect of death that drives us to greatness.

     I just realized my old guild banner and a cool "click to feed" koi fish pond are at the bottom of my screen. The banner brings memories of a time when my old guilds and I ruled an old RO Server. I have yet to find a group of friends so dedicated to a cause in a game. In a way, that was kind of what had originally pushed me into trying World of Warcraft. The possibility of finding those kind of friends. Didn't really ever run into anyone of interest unfortunately.
     My time as of late has been occupied job hunting, playing games, and trying to find a reason to leave my room. Few jobs offer anything reasonable and I can't really say anyone ever texts. I stopped texting people to see if they wanted to do things a couple of months ago. Feels too one sided, almost depressing really, i just really need a movie buddy at this point. A couple of great movies have released since my last post. First to come to mind are John Wick, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the more recent Mad Max. The picture I posted was something I found on Reddit around the time Mad Max was out. Got a giggle out of it.
     On gaming news, I bought The Reaper of Souls expansion and was having fun until my sibling bought himself The Witcher 3. His laptop refused to play it and I came into possession of it. I was going to wait for a sale but nothing beats free. Initially I was a little confused but you get the hang of it and the story makes sense after a while. I have never really felt overwhelmed with a game like I did with Witcher 3. During a main quest you run into a side quest, which then becomes a search quest for the side quest which then takes you hunting for an animal for the search quest on your side quest. It sounds insane but it was fun.
     I stopped doing as many side quests and went straight for the main story, which was very impressive. The places you travel and lore that lies in each area is amazing. Reading the books you pick up or lost letters you find, really throw you into his world. I finished the game amazed and wanting so much more. I've never been so excited to restart a game on a harder difficulty and looking towards completing all of the side quests. The side quests always feel fresh and well thought out, even ran into a small chapel with weeping angles during one. Freaked me out for a second hah.
     With the ridiculous amounts of time I find, I watched all of Frasier, Sense 8, Bob's Burgers and a couple of other shows I can't remember. I almost dropped Frasier but stuck with it for the first two seasons. Season 3 and on slowly became funny and things started getting interesting. Frasier easily had one of the greatest romances ever. It was one of those, "its probably never gonna happen but when it does it'll be amazing" type of thing. After the couple got together the show started shaping up towards an ending, which was everything I hoped for. Gotta love Netflix.
     Looking for work has left me wondering what to do with my life. For a long time I've wanted to work Tech but I could never really commit to "learning" it. To compare... It feels like I have to take "how to be a human" classes in college to graduate and become a human. I already know and its boring "learning" everything. Two semesters and I wanted to stab myself in the head after writing simple scripts. What kept me going were the ridiculous amounts of coffee I drank. I slowly learned about coffee and all the ways I could make it. Coffee knowledge crept up on me and next thing I knew I yearned to open a fancy cafe. One where people can come in to buy cheap coffee or exotic coffee that carries a creamy chocolaty taste. In a way, I kind of want to head in that direction. Learning things in a classroom just isn't for me.
     One last things. I've lost so much weight none of my jeans fit anymore. Not even the old ones from high school I had stashed away. It feels nice not being so fat. Still have allot to go but at least I'm in the 170's, beats 210's. Sorry for the wall of text but thanks for sticking through to the end. Assuming you read the whole thing. oh one last thing for sure.... FF7 REMAKE :D OHHH YEAAAA. ok, I'm done. Thanks for reading!

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