Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Follow the Winds of Tomorrow!

Between now and the last post, life has significantly changed. Living the single life and glad to say I adjusted well after a couple of months. I was unfortunately laid off from my last job but was given a gracious amount of money as severance. Collecting was strange for that month and a half that I did. Being home doing nothing but sending job applications was pretty boring. At some point I realized I was gaining a bit too much weight. I think I was playing league, looked down and realized my belly was huge. Weighed myself at 209 and knew it had to stop. A bit before this I was already changing my life, doing the things I've always wanted. Made my dream computer, bought a nice ford fusion and bought myself some clothes more appropriate for my age (my love for t-shirts will never fade!). A bit before the new year I had a dream where I had summoned Shenron and he offered me my wishes.
I don't remember ever casting my wishes but the dream seems less like a dream now. My asthma vanished a handful of days before I started the work outs. You know how people wish on 11:11? Whenever I caught myself looking at the clock at those times I couldn't help but wish for my asthma to leave. Cheesy? Yes. With my asthma gone(1) and a reliable car by my side(2), I figured Shenron wouldn't grant me a Saiyan body. That was a wish I had to work hard for myself. It has been three weeks and I'm down to 193, which is amazing considering that was my weight in high school. A couple more months of watching what I eat, drinking plenty of water and following the P90x3 workout will hopefully get me the results I want (Saiyan cosplay anyone?). Saving that last wish for something special. There was a time last year when sadness and depression were crushing but in the end I stuck to my beliefs. What happens happens. An anime inspired a catch phrase that stuck with me. Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, I highly recommend. I think that is all I'm willing to share. Till next time!

 Do you feel that? It's the winds of tomorrow!

 PS- Is it weird that I hear Vegeta in my head when I feel like quitting on a tough workout? He's such a jerk... always with his, "Giving up already? PATHETIC!" Glad he's there to be honest.

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